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What is Social Media ?

♦ Social Media for Business

Social Media is a growing source of targeted traffic for sites, and an important component of most companies’ digital strategy. Businesses can no longer ignore the fact their customers are online and sharing information through social media platforms. Over 800 million people worldwide have a Facebook account and 50% check it daily. Sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are growing at incredible rates as mobile phones have made instant sharing a reality. Social interaction can take the form of: social presence – a general visibility on social channels social campaigns – a focused use of social channels

Move with your customers
Mobile applications give you the ability to move with your customers at the most relevant moments. The ability to go with your customer base means never missing an opportunity to promote a product or keep people up to date on what you are doing.

Ekawn designs and develops mobile applications for all mobile platforms, including:
Apple’s iOS
Windows Mobile

Tie these applications into the conversation the world is having about you through built-in, seamless integration with the most popular social media sites and your existing online marketing strategy.

Ekawn develops mobile applications with an easy to use server side application programming interface (API) customized for each mobile operating system and equipped to handle high-demand features, such as:

Location based services (LBS)
Push notification
Network live streaming of video and audio
Cinema systems
Location based services (LBS)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Marketing (SEM) is

More than just improving your Google, Bing &Yahoo! search results. It’s about converting your potential audience into repeat visitors and valued

customers. SEO is one of the most valuable investments (second to development of a quality site) that
an organization can make. Ranking well positions you as a credible and valuable organization and
can have a considerably higher conversion rate (or click through rate – CTR) than companies that
don’t fully maximize the value of their digital property. SEM involves launching a paid advertising
campaign on popular search engines in a bid to attract more customers to your website. SEM is one
of the most effective ways to bring new users to your website by increasing visibility.
If you are a website owner, you will surely want your website to get listed at the top of all search results related to people’s chosen phrases that identify your website.with a qualified audience.
The abbreviation stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is referring to one special method used to increase the search engines of a particular website on search results.
If you are selling touristic traveling offers online, what you’d want to see is your site coming up at the top of the search results whenever somebody looks for “touristic travelling offers” or “travel offers”.
Websites are not stated randomly on search engines results. They are represented through a compound system that ranks the most suitable websites for any search made. The system is moderately standard in all search engines regardless of the slight differences between each and every one.