Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

There are many social media options; however the following short-list covers the main social channels being utilized by businesses.




Ideal for regular updates, and aimed at keeping people quickly informed.

Some benefit in being the first to report on a trending piece of news, as it can be the initial source of retweets.
Traffic tends to be engaged, but usually single page visits.




Ideal for building community, and especially useful for promotions and offers, with over 800 million people worldwide.

It’s a high source of engagement.


LinkedInlinkedin (1)

Ideal for sharing interesting news items, especially those backed by research studies, and related to improving work performance, increasing professional skills and highlighting industry trends.






Ideal for ensuring new articles are indexed quickly, and should be the first point of sharing for research related stories that might be picked up more widely. Having blog posts and articles indexed quickly means they can rank for early search traffic. Which in turn leads to being linked to by other sites. Which in turn increases rankings and traffic.




Video is always useful to Increase traffic from links and images. Video is also an effective SEO tactic as well – with targeted videos often being included by Google in Universal Search results.